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Husqvarna 9673481-01 Gas Cutter K970 III / 16 in., New


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Vendor: Husqvarna SKU: 9673481-01


HUSQVARNA Gas Cutter K 970II 16 "(9673481-01)  has a unique power / weight ratio. It is equipped with one of the most efficient centrifugal air cleaning systems of the new generation Active Air Filtration ™, which allows you to cut asphalt and other surfaces without replacing the filter to one year, as well as the integrated automatic system of compensation for pollution SmartCarb filter ™ and highly efficient vibration dampening system.

The engine X-Torq® reduces emissions up to 75% and lowers fuel consumption by 20% and DuraStarter ™ starter dual seal increases reliability and service life.

Air Purge and Pressure Relief Valve provide very easy engine starting. New ergonomic rear handle with comfortable controls fits comfortably to the body.

The K 970 gas saw is the ideal tool for heavy-duty cutting of concrete and stone in renovation, renovation and construction projects.


(1) 9673481-01 K 970 III Power Cutter

Technical Data + Specifications

Fuel tank capacity, liter : one
Weight, kg : 
Power, hp s, l. with : 
Rim diameter, mm, mm : 
Disc diameter, mm, mm : 
Rotation frequency (Max), rpm : 
Cutting depth, mm, mm : 
Cooling : 
Engine : 
2-stroke, gasoline
power, kWt : 
Working volume, cm3 : 
Power / mass ratio : 

Benefits + Features

  • Robust and reliable : Less sensitive to external conditions and fuel thanks to the cylinder design and muffler with heat reflector.
  • Easy start : The unique combination of carburetor, cylinder, electronic ignition, supercharger and decompression valve ensures easy starting.
  • Longer service intervals in the SC : The V-ribbed belt, together with our patented DuraStarter ™ system and Active Air Filtration ™ technology, provides extended service intervals.
  • Less water consumption : Our wet cutting kit provides dust control. Improved dust neutralization system by controlling water consumption.
  • Minimum air filter maintenance : The filter needs to be checked and replaced only if the power output of the cutter decreases.
  • Reduced exhaust fumes and fuel consumption : Our X-Torq® engines produce fewer emissions, consume less fuel and deliver more power
  • DuraStarter ™ : The dust-sealed DuraStarter ™ starter and durable starter cord increase product reliability and durability.
  • Reversible cutting arm : The belt is fully protected by the transmission guard, which allows you to make cuts close to interfering surfaces without additional wear
  • The ability to use discs with different landings. : Discs with 20 and 25.4 mm fit are easy to install thanks to the standard seat bushing
  • Wear resistance : Improved durability thanks to fully sealed belt transmission to prevent slurry from entering the machine
  • Active Air Filtration ™ : Our two-stage filtration system extends engine life and service intervals
  • EasyStart : EasyStart makes starting easier by reducing cylinder compression
  • SmartCarb ™ : Built-in automatic filter contamination compensation maintains high power and reduces fuel consumption
  • Max. cutting depth 155 mm
  • Cutting disc diameter 400 mm
  • Output power 4.8 kW




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