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Alemite 595-B 18V Lithium-Ion Powered Grease Gun Kit, New


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Vendor: Alemite SKU: 595-B


This Alemite 595-B 18V lithium-ion battery powered grease gun delivers lubricant at pressures up to 8,000 pounds per square inch (psi) at a rate of 6 oz. per minute and can dispense up to 27 14 oz. cartridges per charge. An 18V motor with three stages of gear reduction accommodates varying pressure requirements, and a crank and yoke mechanism drives a reciprocating piston pump, powered by an 18V 3,000 mAh (milliampere hour) lithium-ion battery that can be charged by a 110V/60 Hz charger. For every full battery charge, it delivers up to 27 14 oz. cartridges at free flow and has a bulk capacity of 16 oz. The grease gun's lightweight, ergonomic construction makes it suitable for general lubricating applications, its glass fiber-reinforced polymer housing gives it durability, and the chrome-plating on the barrel makes the barrel resistant to corrosion. This grease gun loads grease either by inserting a grease cartridge or bulk loading, which requires the optional Alemite loader fitting 322610. The follower requires no flipping when changing the method by which the grease is loaded into the gun. A bleeder valve aids in priming the grease gun and keeps it from building up excessive pressure in the cylinder. This cordless grease gun, which weighs 7.2 lb./3.3 kg, injects grease into standard grease fittings and is suitable for applications such as lubricating motor vehicles, construction and industrial equipment, and aeronautics.

Oil and grease guns are handheld tools that inject lubricant (dispensed from the barrel or cylinder cartridge) into metal mechanical assemblies. Electric and air-powered grease guns can dispense large volumes of lubricant in commercial applications, while battery-powered (cordless) grease guns are more suitable for mobile and remote applications. Manual grease guns (lever, pistol-grip, screw-type, push-type, and suction) vary in duty and have either a rigid or flexible hose extension for attaching nozzles or a nozzle with coupler for standard grease fittings. Oil and grease guns are used in a broad variety of applications including vehicles of all types, construction equipment, factory and agricultural machinery, and aeronautics, among others.


(1)  18V Lithium-Ion Powered Grease Gun Kit

Technical Data + Specifications

Battery Capacity : 3000 mAh
Bulk Capacity : 16 oz
Cartridge Capacity :
14 oz
Flow Rate :
170 gpm
Hose Length :
36 in
Operating Pressure :
8000 psi
Series :
Type :
Battery Powered
Voltage Range :
18 V

Benefits + Features

  • Mechanical efficiency optimized by: curved slot yoke, perfect alignment of piston and yoke, motor fastened directly to housing, ball and needle bearings and aluminum die cast transmission case
  • Optimized shape, weight and balance for comfortable grip and less physical strain
  • Glass fiber reinforced nylon housing for superior strength and resistance to impact
  • Patented air flow management maximizes motor and transmission life
  • Battery and stall indicators: stall light indicates clogged fitting and battery light indicates sufficient capacity for 3 grease cartridges
  • One fully charged battery delivers up to 27 cartridges of grease
  • Easy to prime at low temperature
  • Durable ultra flexible Kevlar reinforced hose with flashlight
  • 110 V/60 Hz charger input




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